Havana Daydreamin'

Havana Daydreamin' Tracks

  1. Woman Goin' Crazy on Caroline Street

    There's a woman goin' crazy on Caroline street
    Stoppin' every man that she does meet
    Sayin' if you be gentle, if you be sweet
    I'll show you my place on Caroline street

    She claimed in a loud voice to be a dancer
    But I don't think she's cut a rug in years
    Listens to the juke box for her answers
    Slowly guzzles twenty-five cent beers
    Talks about the men she's known and then some
    She's seen them in her dreams and on the street
    She slides her dapper legs from beneath the table
    As if to reveal some kind of treat


    Her lover left her stranded in Jamaica
    And just right now she can't recall his name
    Perceiving she is the center of attention
    And all the lurking eyes they look the same
    Weather's got the shrimpers in a frenzy
    They're horny and don't need a good excuse
    Someone yells and things just start erupting
    In a flash all hell has broken loose


    When I woke up and looked around the bar room
    She was gone and I was black and blue
    So be careful when you go to swing your partner
    `Cause someone might just take a swing at you


  2. My Head Hurts My Feet Stink and I Don't Love Jesus
    By Jimmy Buffett

    My head hurts, my feet stink and I don't love Jesus.
    It's that kind of mornin',
    really was that kind of night.
    Tryin' to tell myself that my
    condition is improvin' and if I don't
    die by Thursday I'll be roarin' Friday night.

    Went down to the snake pit,
    to drink a little beer.
    Listened to the juke box,
    oh, it's comin' in clear.
    All of a sudden I wasn't alone
    pickin' country music with old Joe Bones.
    Duval Street was rockin',
    my eyes they started poppin'!
    Because there she sat at the corner of the bar,
    as I broke another string on my old guitar.
    Someone call a cab.
    Lady won't you pay my tab?

    (First Verse)

    Got to get a little orange juice,
    And a Darvon for my head.
    I can't spend all day,
    Baby, layin' in bed.
    I'm goin' down to Fausto's
    to get some chocolate milk.
    Can't spend my life in your sheets of silk
    I've got to find my way
    Crawl out and greet the day.

    (Repeat First Verse)

  3. The Captain and the Kid
    Jimmy Buffett

    I never use to miss the chance
    to climb upon his knee and listen
    to the many tales of life upon the sea.

    We'd go sailing back on barkentines and
    talk of things he did, tomorrow just a
    day away for the Captain and the Kid.

    His world had gone from sailing ships
    to raking mom's back yard;
    he never could adjust to land although
    he tried so hard.

    We both were growing older then and
    wiser with our years;
    that's when I came to understand
    the course his heart still steers.

    He died about a month ago
    while winter filled the air,
    and though I cried, I was so proud
    to love a man so rare.

    He's somewhere on the ocean now,
    the place he ought to be;
    with one hand on the starboard rail,
    he's waving back at me.
    For the Captain and this kid.

  4. Big Rig

    If I was a road dog, baby
    All of my songs were true
    Reckon' I'd like my whiskey drinkin'
    a whole lot more than I do
    But I don't know about the good life, baby
    Not so sure it's for me
    I'd much rather be home rollin' with you
    Than watching Tom Snyder on TV

    I wish I was a big rig
    Rollin on home to you
    I wish I was a big rig
    Big rig baby, rollin' on home to you

    Now I been to lots of parties
    Spent my whole life in a bar
    There's a whole lot of good lookin' women out there
    Who think I am a star
    Drinkin' and a smokin' ain't really where I am
    If I had my own two ways I'd be rollin' home to Alabam

    I wish I was a big rig
    Rollin' on home to you
    I wish I was a big rig
    A big rig baby, rollin' on home to you

    Now some day I'll be better
    My ramblin' days will be through
    I won't have anymore gigs to play
    I'll be back home there with you
    But meanwhile wait a minute
    What's that thing I see
    It's a good lookin' woman with a bottle of Scotch
    And she wants to go home with me

    She's lookin' like a big rig
    Rollin' on home to you
    I wish I was big rig, a big rig baby
    Rollin' on home to you
    I wish I was a big rig
    Rollin' on home to you
    I wish I was a big rig
    Rollin' on home to you

  5. Defying Gravity

    I live on a big round ball
    I never do dream I may fall
    And even one day if I do
    Well I'll jump up and smile back at you
    I don't even know where we are
    They tell me were circling a star
    Well I'll take their word, I don't know
    But I'm dizzy so it may be so

    I'm riding a big round ball
    I never do dream I may fall
    And even the high must lay low
    But when I do fall I will be glad to go
    Yes when I do fall I will be glad to go

  6. Havana Daydreamin'
    Jimmy Buffett

    Stashed his trash in Ecuador, bought a good suit of clothes.
    Flew on up to Mexico, standin' by the shore.
    Waiting for some mystery man, to pay him for his time.
    Thinkin' about all the money he made,
    couldn't help to ease his mind
    Havana daydreamin' oh he's just dreamin' his life away.

    Daddy shucked that sugar cane,
    One day he fell dead.
    Jesus had a wanderin' feelin'
    Swimmin around in his head.
    Sailin' on a midnight boat,
    There were no questions asked,
    Water's so green and the air was so clean
    That he stuck right to his task, Havana daydreamin',
    Oh he's just schemin', his life away.

    Ceilin' fan stirs the air
    Cigar smoke did swirl,
    A fragrance on the pillow case
    And he thinks about the girl.
    Spillin' wine wine and sharin' good times
    She sure could make him smile.
    He pays her well but what the hell
    He'll be movin' in a little while, Havana daydreamin',
    Havana daydreamin'
    Oh he'll be dreamin' his life away.

  7. Cliches

    She's got a ballpark figure
    He's got a ballpoint pen
    Travel around for weeks at a time
    Writin' down descriptions of the places they been
    She plays guitar but nothing fancy
    With no intention of becoming a star
    Only thing that's bothering him these days
    Is where he's gonna find a good ten cent cigar

    Cliches, good ways
    Say what you mean, mean what you say
    She never did make her debut
    He never made it to class
    She's 86'd from the Chart Room
    He's 29 and pushin' 30 real fast
    They're funny when they get to rockin'
    Goin' out for the night on the town
    Takin' polaroid pictures that are never in focus
    Just to look at when they finally slow down
    Full moon, so soon
    Wishin' every month of the year could be June

    He's always tuned into Star Trek
    She's always tuned into him
    Hidin' his cookies when he gets the munchies
    Tryin' hard just to keep the boy slim
    Tonight they're gonna go star gazing
    And try to figure out which one they're near
    Try as they might I don't think they'll reach the height
    She know you can't get there from here

    Full moon, so soon
    Wishin' every month of the year could be June
    Cliches, good ways
    Say what you mean, mean what you say
    Just say what you mean, mean what you say

  8. Something So Feminine About a Mandolin
    Jimmy Buffett & Jane Buffett

    It was late in the evenin'
    just a few of us pickin',
    but the lady she played
    so easy and fine.
    And the chords that she strummed
    were so tastefully clever,
    they planted this song in my mind.

    Cause there's somethin' so feminine,
    about a mandolin;
    the way that they feel,
    the way that they ring.
    Just to see slender fingers,
    movin' so fluid,
    made this poor heart to sing.

    And when I get older and I have a daughter,
    I'll teach her to sing, and play her my song
    And I'll tell her some stories I can barely remember
    And hope that she will sing along.

    Maybe one day she'll take a fancy to pickin',
    'Cause when that bug bites you,
    you live with the string.
    And if she could just strum a few simple measures
    She could make some young man sing.

    Cause there's somethin' so feminine
    about a mandolin.
    The way that they feel, the way that they ring.
    And that evening in a pasture,
    somewhere near Austin.
    That mandolin made me sing,
    Her mandolin made me sing.

  9. Kick It in Second Wind
    Jimmy Buffett & Jane Buffett

    One o'clock in the mornin',
    people pilin' into the door.
    Drinks are still comin' in and
    I'm barely hummin' and the
    audience is screamin' for more.
    Somebody's locked in the bathroom,
    manager can't find the key.
    I pay that man but from where I stand,
    it's lookin like a pris'ner is me.

    So won't you kick it in second wind
    we got two more hours to go.
    Is there anymore hope of scorin' anymore coke,
    and we've still got to do another show.

    My mind started to wander,
    In the middle of the second song
    Dreamin' I was at sea, just my baby and me
    when the words started coming out wrong.
    Waitresses are pickin' up glasses,
    The bartender screamed last call.
    When I looked to my right I saw a terrible sight
    And the bass man took a bad fall.



    It's three o'clock in the mornin',
    runnin' on adrenaline.
    What I'm tryin to say is that tomorrow's the day
    And we've got to do it over again.

  10. This Hotel Room

    This hotel room got a lot of stuff
    A laundry bag and a shoe shine cloth
    Thirty-two hangers and a touch-tone phone
    Well a light that comes on when I'm not home
    I ain't home, I ain't home
    You better leave a message cause I ain't home

    They got an air conditioner for when I'm hot
    A radiator for when I'm not
    Two big chairs sittin' side by side
    With a Holy bible and a TV guide
    TV guide, TV guide, great God o' mighty
    It's a TV guide

    I got a second story view from curb to curb
    I got a sign that reads "Do not disturb"
    A monogram towel and a bucket of ice
    A chest of drawers and a mirror that lies
    Mirror that lies, mirror that lies,
    That couldn't be me in the gorilla disguise

    They got a room service menu for food and drinks
    A porcelain thrown and an aluminum sink
    Two big pillows to rest my head
    A magic fingers and a king size bed
    Put in a quarter, turn out the light
    Magic fingers makes you feel alright
    Feel alright, feel alright
    Magic fingers makes you feel alright

    Oh this ole' hotel's alright with me
    They pay the postage if you loose the key
    This hotel has got a lot of stuff
    But I do believe I have had enough
    Call my baby said, don't you pout
    I'm packin' my bags and I'm checking out
    Just as soon as you hang up the telephone
    Stick a candle in the window I'm comin' home
    Comin' home, comin home
    Stick a candle in the window, I'm comin' home